Sonic Brands

  • Sonic Branding

    Sound and music have the power to influence the way we move. Just like a visual brand logo, we can create a sonic logo that can be used across all your consumer touchpoints ( points of contact where your customers engage with your brand) so that the sonic experience is consistent the whole way through.

    From broadcast communication on TV/Radio to digital, in-store and integrated into apps and websites, we can create a palette of sounds to help you paint your brand in the way you wish to be heard so your audience can recognise your brand with a simple sound.

    Brand Audit

    The first stage is about getting to know your brand, inside-out. The colours, the personality, the tones. We look for all the ways you communicate and use this to create a swatch board to help get a sense of the fabric and DNA of your brand.

    Sonic Logo Development

    Once we have the consolidated fabric of your brand, our team of musicians, producers and engineers get together and we start to turn that collection of brand findings into a sound. In the same way we’d sit and write a song, the team uses the brand DNA to create a main logo.

    Sonic Branding Package

    The final stage is about connecting all the dots. We use the sonic logo to help steer us towards creating a whole package of edits that draw from the brand DNA to use across all your touchpoints. Your package has a whole suite of edits to use with on your various communication channels.

    From advertising to in-store music to create a mood for your customers, all the way though to ringtones for staff and mnemonics integrated into digital, app, game product.

    Talk to one of our sonic branding specialists and listen to some examples here