• c’mon aussie c’mon the remake

    It was only a mater of time before the classic jingle of the eighties ‘C’mon Aussie C’mon’ was made. Why not, it’s a brilliant tune, it changed cricket in Australia forever and everyone can sing a long. Take a look at this new tvc by Leo Burnett watch here

    This ad does nothing for me. I’m not even into cricket, but the original made me love the sport, made me wish I could be part of all the action, made me sing. This is a piss take, they’ve missed the whole point of a good jingle. They’ve missed the point of this classic jingle. It doesn’t make me tap my foot and I really wanted that to happen.

    As jingle writers, these are the ‘holy ones’ the reference tracks that offer a blueprint to the structure and energy of a good jingle.


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